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Weeding Your Love Garden Regularly! 5 Love Hacks!

Hi I wanted to take a few minutes to share some quick and easy relationship fixes. By changing your thinking and behaviour you can make rapid improvements to your relationships. A better relationship equals a happier life! This applies to love relationships, but the skills can apply to other relationship.

1.      Step outside the box and realise that we are all different and communicate in different ways. Most people expect everyone else to be like them so someone who is upfront and, in your face, thinks this is the normal way to communicate and that everyone else should be upfront and in your face. Someone who is subtle and concerned with not hurting others feeling will feel this is how everyone should be. Accept that there is no one way to communicate and someone who is communicating differently is not doing this to anger or upset you.

2.      Take care to only approach subjects in an appropriate time and place, WARNING When a woman has PMT this is not the time to point it out! If you start to say something and decide not to finish the subject, be aware that this can be worse than not finishing what you were about to say. People hate open loops.

3.      Learn to listen, show you are listening, you need to be focused on the other person giving eye contact. You can’t be doing this if you are on your phone, tablet, flicking through a magazine or watching TV. Notice how much time you really spend listening to your partner. As you look at your partner, imagine he or she is the most fascinating person you have ever listened to. As you imagine this it can become true as they react to your focus. This builds amazing rapport between you.

4.      Be clear when you are communicating, don’t expect people to mind read and know what you are talking about, if you haven’t been specific. Saying “If you don’t know I’m not telling you,” is not the way forward.

5.      Fix problems before they grow! Weed your love garden regularly. Be honest and willing to talk about things and admit when you are at fault. Keep the conversation at a low level of emotion, don’t let it ramp up or drop a bomb intended to hurt, like an old issue that is from 10 years ago. This just destroys the whole garden, you only want to pull the weeds.