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Imagine being able to really relax whenever you needed to. Automatically letting all the tension go from your muscles and naturally calming your thinking down. Hypnosis can help you defeat anxiety by training your mind to relax. This will allow your muscles to lose their tension and slow down the breathing to avoid hyperventilation. Control and prevent that panicky feeling. Relaxation hypnosis can help you to reduce your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and worrying thoughts, allowing you to switch off and notice your bodies stress response as it can easily relax to a normal level.

Tranquillity and Control

So can hypnotherapy help? Absolutely! And in so many different ways. Everyone is individual and their reasons for anxiety can be completely different. However all people with anxiety have a powerful imagination, which causes them to keep thinking what if. Hypnotherapy makes use of that powerful imagination and redirects it focus onto positive thoughts. You will be able to visualise and practice feeling that wonderful calm tranquil feeling where you are totally in control and relaxed. Your subconscious mind will take this new pattern and use it as its reality.

For many clients, techniques to remove stress or emotion will allow them to Many clients don’t feel comfortable talking about things that have happened in the past and I am able to help with techniques that enable you to change the way you feel without having to give me details about incidents. NLP techniques together with hypnosis will help to change your thought patterns, reprograming your mind to get rid of phobias and negative thoughts as you begin to experience positive motivating feelings and images.  I also use EMDR techniques to get rid of bad feelings related to past traumas. Then I teach you faster EFT to enable you to flatten any thoughts and emotions yourself. Additionally, a CD or MP3 file is provided to reduce stress and anxiety and embed new behaviours.