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No one is born with low confidence! Life and experiences change the way you feel about yourself, from childhood to the present those experiences develop into a strong self-perception that is held in your unconscious mind. Other factors such as low self-esteem and worrying about what other people think of us add to feelings of low confidence.

Low confidence can have a big impact on your life, preventing you from going for that job, holding you back from training or even stopping you speaking to people and making new friends. It can even affect your love life. You don’t have to put up with these feelings, you have a lot of control over your thoughts and feelings when you learn to take control of them.

Be Confident

Confidence is affected by many things that can be managed using hypnosis. For example, your body language has a direct effect on the way you feel, and the way you feel can affect your body language, telling the world how you feel. Using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques you can alter your body language and your breathing to directly affect your confidence level. Previous experiences which have affected your confidence can be revisited and altered to remove negative emotions. Positive emotions can be installed using positive suggestions and visualisation. Whatever the level of your confidence I can tailor a program to your needs addressing the reasons for your low confidence so that you reprogram your brain to work in a different way.

For many clients, techniques to remove negative thoughts and emotions will help to improve confidence. Relaxation technique will reduce anxiety and stress. Breathing techniques and a confidence anchor will enable you to take control of your emotions. In addition to hypnotherapy techniques I can also teach you faster EFT to enable you to flatten any thoughts and emotions yourself and install new confidence. Additionally a CD or MP3 file is provided to boost self-esteem and confidence.