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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is a painful and can vary from an occasional problem to being a condition that seriously affects your life on a daily basis. Around 1 in 5 people experience IBS at some time in their life and NICE the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have recommended hypnotherapy as a possible treatment where conventional medicine has not worked after 12 months.

While there is no cure for irritable bowel syndrome, hypnotherapy can help with lifestyle changes required to manage the symptoms. Additionally, hypnotherapy can reduce pain and calm the stomachs activity.  There is evidence that emotions, stress and anxiety can trigger IBS symptoms. Hypnotherapy is very successful in reducing these emotions.

The Calm After The Storm

So, can hypnotherapy help? Absolutely! And in so many different ways. Everyone is individual and their reasons for IBS can be completely different. Using hypnotherapy, you can reprogram your mind to make major lifestyle changes to diet and exercise which will in turn reduce stress and anxiety. This means that your stomach can receive healthier food that causes less discomfort as your calmer and more relaxed state of mind will also calm your stomach.  Using hypnosis, we can help find any route emotional cause of your problem and flatten the associated emotions. Whatever the cause of your IBS, I can tailor a program to your needs addressing the reasons for your IBS so that you reprogram your brain and stomach to work in a different way.

For many clients, techniques to remove stress or emotion will allow them to experience a calm relaxed and pain free stomach. Hypnosis will help you visualise and practice having that calm comfortable stomach and your subconscious mind will then be able to learn this new pattern. Suggestions will also be used to calm your stomach. In addition to hypnotherapy techniques I can also teach you faster EFT to enable you to flatten any pain, thoughts and emotions yourself. Additionally, a CD or MP3 file is provided to help reduce symptoms.