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Weight Management

After years of trying to control my weight by dieting, I was relieved to discover hypnosis. I had yo yo dieted for years and was always hungry. I discovered I could easily loose weight without cravings or hunger using hypnosis. For a short time I used hypnosis for rapid weight loss and this worked so well that people started to tell me I was too thin. Hypnotherapy works really well for extreme and rapid weight loss for a short period, after which you have to move to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Within the hypnotherapy sessions you will learn why calorie control diets don’t work and how important your metabolic rate and hormones are in the control of weight. Its not about the calories, it the foods. Learn how to change your life style easily and naturally without cravings.

Watch the weight drop off!

So can hypnotherapy help? Absolutely! And in so many different ways. Everyone is individual and their reasons for obesity or being overweight can be completely different. However, there are common factors.

1. The types of food you eat greatly effect the weight you put on. There are many myth and misdirect about good foods and bad foods.

2. Anxiety and stress cause weight gain in 2 ways, emotional eating and by producing hormones that increase weight gain.

3. Sleep deprivation causes stress and anxiety that again cause weight gain.

4. Continual grazing and snacks cause high hormone spikes that result in weight gain.

Whatever the reasons for your weight gain I can tailor a program to your needs addressing the reasons for your weight so that you reprogram your brain and metabolic rate to work differently. You will be able to watch the weight drop away and keep that weight off.

For many clients, techniques to remove stress or emotion will allow them to reduce stress hormones and allow weight to reduce. The hypnotherapy sessions will cover a lifestyle change and can include exercise motivation and aversion therapy for particular foods. In addition to hypnotherapy techniques I can also teach you faster EFT to enable you to flatten any thoughts and emotions yourself. Additionally, a CD or MP3 file is provided help embed new behaviours and remove cravings and hunger.