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Public Speaking

Most problems in public speaking come from an experience or experiences in the past. Maybe when you were a child you said something in a group and they laughed, or you made a mistake. The embarrassment you felt was noted by your subconscious mind and linked to talking in front of groups or audiences. The experience can come from a previous time when you spoke in public and it didn’t go well. What ever the cause, the consequence can have long standing implications. You may freeze and forget what to say, you make feel hot. sweaty and confused. In severe cases people are unable to function and back away from the situation making the fear worse the next time. In some cases panic attacks develop.

Calm Confidence

So can hypnotherapy help? Absolutely! And in so many different ways. Everyone is individual and their reasons for this problem can be completely different. This is a form of anxiety and the negative what if thought work well in advance to ensure a bad experience or failure. By desensitising you to past experiences and giving positive suggestions and visualisation in hypnosis, new behaviours can be learnt and embedded. Your unconscious mind is able to adopt the new pattern as the natural way to behave. I can tailor a program to your needs addressing the reasons for your problem with public speaking, so that you reprogram your brain to work in a different way.

For many clients, techniques to remove stress or emotion will allow them to be calm and confident. Anchoring confidence and breathing techniques will also help. In addition to hypnotherapy techniques I can also teach you faster EFT to enable you to flatten any thoughts and emotions yourself. NLP techniques are often used within hypnosis to change how you feel using your senses and language patterns. Additionally a CD or MP3 file is provided to help you embed your new behaviours and confidence.