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Early Bird Offer £160

January Early Bird Offer Save £80

Call today! and get your 4 week package for Anxiety or Weight Management for the reduced price of £160. Maybe you want to drop those few extra pounds and have no will power, or you might be suffering from one of the many forms of anxiety. Specialist help is available now, and this is a limited offer and is only available for appointments booked at 1:00pm or 2:30pm on Monday to Friday over 4 consecutive weeks. For all other times the price remains £240 for 4 sessions. Because this is on a first come first served basis, and spaces will fill quickly, I strongly advice booking as soon as possible. Up to 1 session can be cancelled and rescheduled with 24 hours notice. Need more information before booking? Why not visit the therapy pages to find out more. Alternatively, if you are ready to make changes quickly, call Jane now! 07776286335

Current prices for single hypnotherapy session remain as:

£75 for a first session lasting approximately 90 minutes and including case history, therapy plan and a hypnotherapy session.

£60 for a 60 minute continuing session.

£200 for an intensive stop smoking session, lasting 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

Advanced Notice Price Rise 1st February 2019 So Book Now!

Payments can be made using cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

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Reducing Christmas Anxiety

It’s that time of year when we see so many people full of Christmas cheer, enjoying time with friends and family. For many however, Christmas is a time for stress and anxiety. Here are a few tips on how to reduce those anxiety and stress levels:

  1. Get plenty of sleep.  At least 7 hours will allow your brain sufficient deep sleep and REM sleep to leave you refreshed. This will allow you to process memories, experiences and emotions from the day.
  2. Eat a balanced diet as far as possible, your stomach communicates its gut feelings to your brain and when upset, anxiety and stress can result.
  3. Set limits on your spending on presents, food and alcohol.
  4. Let go of any anger and resentment linked to the demands of spending more time with  family or friends. 
  5. Set aside time for relaxation, this isn’t screen based time. Instead choose a relaxing bath, a walk in a park, a book, meditation or self hypnosis. 
  6. Remember the images you see on TV and in adverts of the perfect Christmas are not real life for most people. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun. 
  7. Drink responsibly, alcohol has been shown to make people who are anxious feel worse. Although you may find a temporary relaxation effect, the next day dehydration, lack of quality sleep and a hangover won’t help.
  8. Take time to remember the things in life you feel grateful for. 

Free MP3 File

Until the end of January, I will send anyone who emails me, a free copy of my anxiety MP3 file. Email me at to receive the file normally priced £10.00. This file is intended to help reduce stress and anxiety by allowing the release of negative thoughts and relaxation.  This can help with mild anxiety and stress, and is not intended to have the same result as a full program of hypnotherapy.